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Help Your Child Have a More Productive Homework Time

It's no secret that most students would rather not do homework. However, it is absolutely necessary that they complete their assignments. To make it easier for your child, use these tips to help them through the process.

Create a Plan

Students who have a hard time concentrating or remembering all the tasks they have to complete can benefit from creating a daily plan. When your child gets home from school, ask them what they have to get done that day. As they inform you about their assignments, have them write a to-do list that includes all of their work for the day. They may also have some studying to do or even extracurricular commitments, so be sure this all gets included in their list. Once the list is complete, help them develop a plan that will guide them through their evening.

Set House Rules During Homework Time

It can be hard for a child to get their work done if they can hear a television in the distance or people playing video games. To avoid these distractions that can lead to messy work or incomplete assignments, set house rules for everyone in your home. Televisions and distracting electronics should be off limits for all and noise should be kept to a minimum. Everyone can use this time to be productive while your child is hard at work.

Offer Your Help

Some students may be reluctant to ask for help even when they most need it. If this is something your child struggles with, be sure they know that they can always come to you for assistance. Make sure it's clear that you can help, but you won't be doing their work for them. It's up to them to do the homework, but you can help guide through the tough questions.

Tutoring in Kansas City

If your child is struggling more than usual with their homework, consider enrolling them in tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO. Their academic programs can help target your child's specific needs. Learn more by giving them a call at (816) 781-0000.


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