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How to Make Reading Fun

Many children may consider reading to be a dull and even painful activity. This is often the result of limiting their reading to text books and other texts that simply don't spark their interest. To change this negative association, use these tips.

Reading as a Reward

If you've ever used reading as a punishment, your child may now associate it with something negative. Luckily, you can change this connection. Start by making the time to read yourself so that you can set the right example for your child. By showing your child that reading is a great leisure activity, they may start seeing it in a more positive light. Next, encourage your child to read but don't limit their reading material. Allow them to choose the books they want to read and the genres that get them excited about reading. If they want to read magazines, graphic novels, or newspapers instead, allow them to do just that. Finally, give your child a book as a reward for something well done. A great option is to get them the next book in a series they're currently working on.

Summer Reading Programs

Most local libraries host summer reading programs which reward students for reaching reading milestones. Incentives and prizes are always a great way to spark a child's interest, and when reading is involved, it can't be bad at all. Allow your child to choose their reading material so that they have a chance to develop their reading preferences. They may find a new genre that inspires them to become a lifelong reader.

Reading Tutoring in Kansas City

To help your child develop their reading skills further, enroll them in tutoring in Kansas City. The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO offers academic programs that are sure to help your child become an expert reader. To learn more, contact them at (816) 781-0000.


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