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It's never too early to start thinking about college. If your child is in high school, they must make solid plans for their future. If they are on the path to college, help them get there by using their free time after school to prepare for college requirements.

Explore College Majors

Many students enter college knowing what they want to major in, but quite a few enter undeclared. While either of these alternatives is fine, please help your child explore their options months in advance as they may already have an idea of what they want to major in. Even if it's a vague idea, help them explore it. Research universities that are recognized for their programs focus on this one area. Explore their internship opportunities, matriculation rates, and scholarship opportunities. Your search doesn't have to be strictly online; consider taking your child on college tours to get them more excited about entering higher education.

Understand Entrance Requirements

Once your child has an idea of the schools they're interested in attending, help them gather their entrance requirements. Some schools may have the same basic requirements, including test scores, GPA, transcripts, and personal statements, while others may have more requirements. Some may ask for letters of recommendation or a portfolio of the student's work. Make the requirements crystal clear and deliver all the paperwork n time so that your child can stay on top of it all during the school year.

Plan Ahead

Get them a separate calendar for all of their college-related activities; This will help your child stay on top of all their deadlines and test dates. It's also a good idea to speak with your child's counselor and admissions officers at the schools where they are applying to be sure everything is in order.

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