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Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

If your child isn't a big fan of reading, the summer is a perfect time to encourage them to pick up a book and fall in love with reading. If you're not sure how to help a reluctant reader, The Tutoring Center in Kansas City has some useful tips.

Take a Trip to the Local Library

To encourage a reluctant reader, take a trip to your local library. Most children who struggle to enjoy reading just haven't found something that interests them. Your local library is likely stocked with books of all genres and other types of reading material that can interest your child. Allow your child to pick up books, magazines, newspapers, and other items that are of their interest. You might find that your reluctant reader is suddenly eager to crack open a book.

Set Reading Goals

A great way to encourage progress in any subject is by setting reachable goals. Sit down with your child and decide how many books a week they think they can finish. To make things more interesting, you can even provide incentives for when these goals are reached. Keep track of your child's progress by hanging a reading chart on your refrigerator. You can even get other family members to participate with their own goals and their own reading chart.

Read Together

Setting the right example is a very effective way of getting your child reading. Instead of turning on the television after work or during breakfast, grab a book or the morning newspaper. If your child sees you reading, they're more likely to pick up a book as well. To motivate your child even more, make some time every day to sit down and read together.

Tutoring in Kansas City

If your child can use even more academic practice this summer, consider enrolling them in tutoring. The Tutoring Center in Kansas City offers great academic programs that can help your child reach their academic potential. Give us a call at (816) 781-0000 to learn more about our tutoring approach or to schedule your free consultation.


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