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How to Use Technology to Learn a Foreign Language

If you want your child to learn a foreign language, the sooner you enroll your child in classes the better. However, classwork and homework won't ensure your child fully grasps the language. The Tutoring Center in Kansas City has some tips you can use to help your child continue improving their foreign language skills at home.

Apps for Your Child's Smartphone

Like most school children, your child probably owns a smartphone. While a smartphone may become a source of distraction, it is also a great tool for learning. Research some foreign language applications you can download on your child's phone to encourage their learning. Apps like DuoLingo and Memrise will quiz your child's abilities while teaching them new vocabulary and grammar through fun games.

Watch Movies with Subtitles

If your child enjoys watching movies, encourage them to watch movies in the language they're learning. Watching foreign movies is a great way for them to practice listening and comprehending. Another great way for a child to learn while watching a film is by turning on the subtitles in the foreign language. This will help your child understand what's going on better than simply relying on their listening skills.

Interactive Language Learning Websites

There are many interactive websites that can help your child develop their language skills further. FluentU is a popular website that uses current material to make learning a foreign language fun. It helps teach students new vocabulary through up to date music and news that is sure to keep your child engaged.

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