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If the teacher identifies distraction and lack of focus as the source of your children's poor school performance, you must work with them to agree on new learning strategies and acquire good habits that increase their attention span. Children lose focus in many ways, and this post by The Tutoring Center, Kansas, will help you set goals and define a new strategy to overcome this hurdle.

The Child Doesn't Read Instructions

If the children don't listen to or read directions to the end, they won't even know each task's demands. In case this is your scenario, your child may have fallen behind their peers and will require extra help to catch up with the class.

The Child Knows How to Solve the Task but Gets Confused and Leaves It Unfinished

It will be necessary to determine if your children have some emotional baggage worrying them. These concerns can manifest after a sibling's birth, moving out, an unemployed parent, etc. Whatever the case may be, if it seems that it's difficult for them to maintain concentration, take action by finding a chance to solve sudokus or coloring mandalas together to help your child unwind.

The Child Gets Bored and Indifferent during Class

It'll be convenient to assess the origin of this lack of motivation to find a way to solve it. You could start by studying their relationships with the teacher or classmates and giving them extra support in the subjects they need the most. Then, proceed to set achievable goals and reinforce their progress. Although the best reward for any child is to feel their parent's approval, you could materialize your pride with small prizes to spur your child's effort.

Enroll your children in tutoring in Kansas to help them defeat their academic challenges and improve their attention span. Check out the academic programs taught at The Tutoring CenterKansas, and find the right one for your child. You can schedule a free diagnostic assessment by calling 816-781-0000.


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