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Get Your Child Reading This Summer

Encouraging your child to pick up a book and read may seem like an impossible task at times. Luckily, there are many ways to go about this successfully. To help your child become a more keen reader this summer, check out these different ways to encourage reading at home.

Take Trips to the Library

If your child has only ever read things that were assigned in class, this may be a huge reason why they don't like to read. To combat this, take trips to your local library together and allow them to pick out books that sound interesting to them. Allow them to choose books on topics they like and don't set any limits on their choices. After exploring different genres and writers, they may come across something they really enjoy and may actually start to like reading.

Set Reading Goals

If your child has promised to do some reading this summer, hold them to it by having them take this promise one step further. Create a reading goals chart where they can write down how many books they plan to read over the summer. As they finish reading books, they can fill in their chart and keep track of their progress. This visual aid can help them stay motivated to continue reading this summer.

Read as a Family

Set a positive example by making reading a part of your family time. Have your entire family participate in daily silent reading time so that your child doesn't think you're making them read as a punishment. By turning it into a family activity, it can feel like less of a chore and may actually turn into something your child looks forward to.

Tutoring in Kansas City

If your child has some trouble with reading, they may need help with reading components like reading comprehension or phonics. To help them overcome these learning struggles, consider enrolling them in tutoring in Kansas City. Contact The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO at (816) 781-0000 to learn all about their reading programs and how these can help your child.


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