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Why Extracurricular Participation Is Important for Students

No matter what type of extracurricular activity your child chooses to participate in, it can be very beneficial in a few ways. Before deciding that these activities are just a distraction, learn more about how they can help your student.

Effective Study Sessions

If all your child does is study, they may not be getting the most out of their study time. Students need to take breaks from studying in order to return to the books refreshed and ready to learn. Participating in a physical activity or in a creative one can help your child stay focused and alert when it comes time to hit the books again.

Improve Self Esteem

If your child has a hard time feeling good about themselves, enrolling them in an after-school activity they are naturally good at can really help boost their confidence. Not only will they be developing new skills while boosting their confidence, they can also make new friends who have similar interests, increasing their self-esteem further.

College Applications

When it comes time for your child to apply for college, participation in after-school activities will help them stand out above the rest. While universities do look at grades, they are more interested in students with great grades who also participated in extracurricular activities. The reason behind this is that these students tend to be more well-rounded, have life skills, and have taken the initiative to pursue their passions.

After School Tutoring in Kansas City

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