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As summer is over, it is time to get back into the routine and schedule of school. You are hopefully beginning this school year with optimism and set goals. At The Tutoring Center of Liberty-Kansas City we want to help you prepare to become a better student this year, with six easy tips to more effective note taking. 

Key Facts-write them down

You do not have to write down every word that is said by the teacher. It is important to focus on the key facts and terminology. If you have a teacher who writes on the board, use that to your advantage. As a general rule, if a teacher takes the time to write it down, you should write it down as well!

Not sure-ask

If there is a piece of information you are not sure about, something you do not understand, do not be afraid to ask. If you do not want to interrupt while the teacher is lecturing, make a note of it and ask for confirmation or an explanation later. 

A system that makes sense to YOU

If you need to take notes quickly, it is a great idea for you to have an abbreviation system for certain buzz words that might come up frequently in class. Make sure that you understand your own system!

Missed something-leave space

If you miss a fact that you know will be important, leave space, and check with the teacher or a classmate later to fill in the blank. 


You may have great penmanship and not feel it is necessary to rewrite your notes, which is certainly up to you. If you have a tendency to scribble when writing quickly, go back as soon as you can to rewrite the notes in a manner that you can read. 


Depending on the class, your teacher may not require that you have a specified notebook for their class, but do it anyway. At the very least have a designated section in a notebook for each class and keep them separate. Avoid taking notes on a single piece of paper that you do not plan to immediately put in a binder. It is so much easier for unattached papers to get lost in the shuffle. 

Once school is underway, and you have become an excellent note-taker using these helpful tips, you may find that extra academic assistance is needed in one area or another. Do not fear. The prepared tutors at The Tutoring Center are here to help. Give us a call today for tutoring in Liberty-Kansas City, at 816-781-0000.


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