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Although digital learning has positive features, typing on a keyboard is less of a challenge for children. Therefore, it's crucial to encourage handwriting to help them improve their memory and coordination. Handwriting involves psychomotor control of the hand to produce each letter's shape, whereas typing on a keyboard doesn't require that much effort. This post by The Tutoring Center, Kansas City, will shed light on some of the benefits of writing by hand.

Better Spelling

Handwriting forces the child to assimilate and pay more attention to the composition of different words and their correct spelling. It favors conscious learning and will help them incorporate the main spelling rules.

Greater Mental Effort

Learning to write by hand is a more complicated process than typing a few letters on a keyboard as it demands the brain to work harder. The latter requires your children to make a mental representation of the letters that are yet to be written and this process entails a more significant mental effort that, in the long run, is more practical for their learning experience. The characters that children struggle to write are not always the same, like the lettering used in print. This also helps them generalize and internalize the essential features of each letter.

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