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 Receiving a report card from your child, with a grade or two you weren’t expecting, can be unpleasant, and unfortunately it happens all too often for some parents. If your child has recently given you a disappointing report card or progress report, you may want to consider, among other things, ensuring that you’ve got a great line of communication open with your child’s teacher. If you’d like to do that, then The Tutoring Center in Kansas City would like to help you today by providing you with the easiest ways to make contact and stay in contact with your child’s teacher.

Your first chance to get in contact with your child’s teacher should be at the beginning of the school year. Most school districts will have an Open House where you can go to meet your child’s teacher, see the classroom your child will spend the year in, hear the policies of the teacher, and of course, clear up any concerns. Be on the look out for an invitation to the open house before the beginning of school. Depending on the district, it may fall before school begins or the first week.

Next, if possible, you should get involved in your child’s school. If you work during the day, this is going to be a much more difficult task. However, making a point to drop by or volunteer for drives, if given the opportunity, is a great way to work alongside your child’s teacher and show him or her that you are available.

If you can’t volunteer during the day, you can also consider joining the Parent/Teacher Association at your child’s school. Here, you’ll be able to sit with teachers, and your child’s teacher may be among them.

You’ll also have at least two opportunities throughout the course of the year to go to a Parent/Teacher conference with your child’s teacher. If you do not get a request from your child’s teacher to have a meeting, then contact the school directly to find out when they are. You can sit with your child’s teacher, hear how your child is doing academically and behaviourally, and of course, ask any questions you have on your mind.

Once you’ve begun to communicate well with your child’s teacher, the two of you may decide that your child could benefit from the assistance of a tutor for some one-on-one help. The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff that will work on a one on one basis with your child. For tutoring in Kansas City be sure to call us today, 816-781-0000.


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