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If you are thinking about ways to make your child stand out on college applications, and to give him or her some skills that will help in the real world, there is not much better than ensuring your child has great leadership skills. After reviewing our blog on the most common college application mistakes, you will also want to consider some of the best things that colleges are looking for on applications, leadership skills and experience are highly valued. It is with this in mind that The Tutoring Center in Kansas City would like to encourage you in helping your child become a leader. 

First, you must consider the possible areas of leadership within the halls of academia. Keep in mind that a majority of the extracurricular clubs and activities associated with high school are arranged to develop leaders. Often you will find teacher sponsored/student lead clubs. Your child can evaluate the areas in which he or she is interested, get involved, and strive to become a leader. 

Explore leadership opportunities outside of school. Your child may take an interest in volunteering for a homeless shelter or home building organization. He or she can work hard and show interest, with the possibility of becoming a leader/organizer within the organization. 

Once you’ve explored leadership options with your child, you should next evaluate the steps to becoming a good leader. A leader should demonstrate the following qualities: 
  • Passion for what he or she is in leadership over. If your child is passionate about dance, for example, it may be easy for him or her to take up a leadership role in this area. 
  • Leading by example-ensuring that your child shows the passion he or she has for the area, demonstrates what hard work looks like, obeys authorities, and gives a generally good example of how he or she would like to see others respond to his or her leadership.

Even if your child is bursting with leadership potential, there is always the possibility that he or she could benefit from academic assistance. The Tutoring Center is here to make that happen. For tutoring in Kansas City, be sure to contact us at 816-781-0000 where you can schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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