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Tips to Help Your Child Transition Back to School This Fall

Help make your child's transition back to school easy with these tips from The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO.

Get Organized

To have a successful school year, organization is key. Start by having your child write down important registration dates in a calendar the whole family will use. Once the school year starts, have your child fill it in with other important dates, such as test dates, important dates associated with extracurricular activities, and non-student days. Give your child their own day planner so they can keep track of assignments and other important items associated with school. Don't forget to have your child clean out their backpack and folders weekly in order to remove unnecessary clutter.

Figure Out Your Child's Learning Style

Figuring out your child's learning style will allow you to employ better learning and study techniques that are more effective for your child. There are four very recognized learning styles and a few more that are not so well known. A child may display characteristics from a few of these styles so it's important to incorporate techniques that apply to all the styles they identify with. Some of the most common styles include visual learning, kinesthetic learning, and auditory learning.

Set School Routines

Before the first day of class, be sure your child has established a bedtime routine and a morning routine. Doing so will ensure your child gets enough rest each night before class and is ready to take on the new day. Set a reasonable bedtime that ensures your child is well rested in the morning. Set your child's alarm clock at an hour that allows them to get ready for school and have a healthy breakfast without feeling rushed. Calmly heading out the door in the morning will help your child feel less stressed and rushed in the classroom.

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