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What is the Best Way to Handle a Child with Difficult Behavior?

Here are some general strategies and solutions to help you live with a child with difficult temperamental traits:

First, Recognize how Much of Your Child's Behavior is a Reflection of Their Temperament

Establish a neutral or emotional climate at home that can help deal with your child. Try not to react emotionally and instinctively, which is unproductive in anger-infused situations.

Don't Take Your Child's Behavior as a Personal Insult

Temperament is innate, and your child probably isn't trying to be difficult or irritating on purpose. Don't blame the child nor yourself.

Try to Prioritize the Issues and Problems that Surround Your Child

Some are more important and deserve more attention. Other challenges are not as relevant and can wait, or placed at the bottom of your list of priorities.

Focus on the Issues of the Moment

Don't project too much into the future. Review your expectations of your child, their preferences, and their values; are they realistic and appropriate? When your children do something right, praise them, and reinforce specific behaviors that they likes.

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