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Should You Homeschool Your Child?

In the past, homeschooling your child may have sounded like an extreme decision to take. However, nowadays, more and more parents are making the decision to homeschool their children for a number of reasons. Below are some common reasons why parents choose...

How You Can Get Involved in Your Child's Education

It may be an understatement to say that you care about your child's academics. Most parents expect their children to do well in school, but did you know that you can help them achieve this by staying involved in their academics? Below is some...

Have a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

The beginning of the school year often means parent-teacher conferences are coming up. These give parents and teachers the opportunity to meet and plan for a successful school year. Before your parent-teacher conference, use these tips to prepare for a...

How to Make Homework Time More Efficient

After a long day of school, no child wants to even think about homework. In many cases, your child's homework may not be hard but just getting started can be near impossible. To make this all much easier, use these tips.

Start Homework Early

Your child...

How to Transition to a New School Successfully

Moving to a new school where your child doesn't know anyone can be quite daunting. If your child is dreading the first day of school because it means they'll be the new student, use these tips to turn their stress into excitement.

Talk About the...


Fight the Summer Slide

It's easy for students to lose valuable information in just months even though they worked hard to master it all year long. To prevent this from happening during your child's summer break, be prepared to keep them busy with some fun and educational summer activities.



Useful Study Tools for Students

Studying doesn't look like it used to. For many parents, getting used to the fact that their student uses their tablet or even phone to study can be hard. Rest assured knowing that there are tons of apps and websites that can be very effective when it comes time...

The Importance of Math for Students

Most students aren't fond of math, and that's really not a secret. If your child runs in the other direction at the mere mention of the subject, they may just need more practice. Remind them of the importance of the subject so that they will take it more...

Useful Tips for More Effective To-Do Lists

To-do lists are a great tool that can help students and adults keep track of all their daily tasks more efficiently. If your child is having a hard time keeping track of everything on their plate, getting them in the habit of creating daily to-do lists...

What Is Academic Burnout?

There is no doubt that school can get stressful for students, but this stress shouldn't go beyond a certain level. If you're worried that your child is suffering from academic burnout, look out for these signs.

Constant Fatigue

Students who are suffering from burnout...


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