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Build Your Children's Self-sufficiency

Learning for themselves is a key point to success. If children are taught to see slips as an opportunity to learn something new, the sky is the limit. By doing this, their resilience is encouraged and it will inspire them to become curious and self-taught...

If you are not sure about it, you should know that there are ways to know by finding out your children's level of reading comprehension. Therefore, it can be measured and improved through the practice of this habit.

Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension

You already know what reading...

We are pleased to showcase Ben Ramey in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. Ben is an instructor in our regular academic programs, as well as in the ACT/SAT Test Prep programs.

Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York state, Ben has moved to Kansas City to pursue his doctorate in music...
The Tutoring Center, Kansas City has openings for our Free ACT/SAT Practice Test on Saturday, June 20th at 12:30 pm. We encourage your children to take full advantage of this opportunity to prepare for upcoming college admittance exams. This valuable experience will give...

From June 1st - July 31st, students can earn raffle tickets for every 30 minutes of reading completed at home. Raffle winners will be drawn on August 1st. Prizes will include gift cards to local attractions and eateries. 
See any TTC team member for complete...

The Goal of Environmental Education

Is to raise people's awareness relating to environmental issues, acquiring skills that allow all kinds of people to solve environmental problems and reduce their impact on the earth. Keep reading and learn a few tips to educate children on the matter.

Learn to...


We are pleased to showcase Sequoia Crissman in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. Sequoia is currently a third-year student at William Jewell College.  She is majoring in both theatre and philosophy. A long-time resident of Liberty, Sequoia is also a Liberty North High School graduate.


Congratulations to Ms. Kim Dunning, nominated by Charlotte Narron, for being selected as this month’s TTC Person of Influence! Ms. Dunning is a 3rd grade teacher at St. Therese North School. Charlotte nominated Ms. Dunning because “she explains things really well and helps me understand...

The decision to close schools to stop, in part, the expansion of COVID-19 is a measure that was as much surprise for everyone as it was a concern. Children who initially thought this meant an early vacation, have realized that this is nothing of that sort, so it's important to establish a...

Nowadays, children have their schedules loaded with activities, often organized by their parents, not only during the school year but also on vacations and that could be a sign of hyperstimulation, dependency, and overprotection. While a little bit of leisure is good from time to time,...


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