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Dear Parents,

Now that the school year is quickly approaching, we want to make sure that your child begins with the proper momentum in his or her classes. 
In an effort to better serve you, we will be sending Back-to-School Packets home with your children during the first week of August. Once you complete these packets, we will be able to update your child’s records to ensure that everything, including new teacher information, is current. We feel that it is extremely important to get in touch with your child’s teachers so that we can properly monitor progress and performance in the school classrooms. We appreciate your assistance in promptly returning this information.
Also, we will be resuming our FREE Study Skill Seminars in August. These monthly seminars will teach your child how to learn - the true key to acquiring knowledge. Strategies given to your child will focus on setting goals, organization skills, time management, improving reading comprehension, vocabulary development, communication, how to effectively study for tests, memorization, and much more.
We wish you and your child the best of luck in the new school year!


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