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Congratulations to Mrs. Marsha Roth, nominated by Jenna Malvagna, for being selected as this month’s TTC Person of Influence! Mrs. Roth is a 4th grade teacher at Kellybrook Elementary School in Liberty. Jenna nominated Mrs. Roth because “she is really nice, always picks me when I raise my hand, gives me reminders, and lets me borrow things in the classroom.”

Mrs. Roth decided to become a teacher because she had an amazing 5th grade teacher whom she adored and admired and, one day, wanted to be like her. Mrs. Roth’s grandfather was an elementary school principal, and he also encouraged her on her journey into education. Her favorite part pf teaching is “when kids question things!” She loves it when students ask “why”, begin to think for themselves, and take ownership of their learning.

Mrs. Roth has been married for 13 years to a native Husker fan. They met at Northwest Missouri State University and have a 9-year old son and 8-year old daughter. They live in the Park Hill School District with their 11-year old chocolate lab, Husker!

In her free time, Mrs. Roth loves to garden. She has a raised vegetable garden where she grows all her family’s vegetables. She is also a devoted Marvel Universe fan and has watched all of the Marvel movies in order numerous times. As a writer for the Kansas City Mom’s Blog, Mrs. Roth also enjoys getting to share “mom life” with an amazing group of women.

Thank you, Mrs. Roth, for all you do to enrich the lives of our children!


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