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Congratulations to Mrs. Megan Kremer for being selected as this month’s TTC Person of Influence! Mrs. Kremer teaches 2nd grade at St. Therese North Catholic School and was nominated by Charlotte Narron. Charlotte nominated Mrs. Kremer because “she helps us learn math, reading, and cursive. If we are sad, she helps us feel better, and she gets us ready for 3rd grade.” 

Mrs. Kremer began discovering her passion for teaching by volunteering in her little brother’s Kindergarten class as a fourth grader. She loves watching her students develop and learning about each student’s interests and learning styles.

When not at school, Mrs. Kremer likes to go on walks with her husband, Jeff, and their two daughters, Kensley and Adelyn. Mrs. Kremer also enjoys painting landscapes and cooking. Her favorite foods are fried sushi, Chinese (especially crab rangoon!), fried chicken, and pizza. If she could travel anywhere, she’d visit the lands of her ancestors: England, France, Ireland, Italy, and Greece. While there, she’d also take in the sights, such as Windsor Castle and the Eiffel Tower.Thank you, Ms. Kremer, for all you do to enrich the lives of our children!


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