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Congratulations to Miss Erika Duggan, nominated by Katie Trischler, for being selected as this month’s TTC Person of Influence! Miss Duggan is a 7th grade math teacher at South Valley Middle School in the Liberty School District.

Miss Duggan decided to become a teacher because she once had a teacher who made a huge difference in her life. She wanted the opportunity to change students’ perceptions of themselves and make them better than what they thought they were…just like her teacher did for her. Miss Duggan’s favorite part of teaching is getting to know 145 new students each year and having the chance to not only teach them new content, but also new life lessons and skills.

Katie wrote a very touching nomination essay that we would like to share:

I nominate Miss Duggan because she always tries to make us laugh. She cares about every student she has. She helps everyone the best that she can. She always makes sure that we all understand what we are learning before we move on. She truly brightens everyone’s day.

Thank you, Miss Duggan, for all you do to influence the youth in our community!


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