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Congratulations to Coach Ann Murphy, nominated by ACT Prep student Anika Maliwat, for being selected as this month’s TTC Person of Influence! Coach Murphy is the head coach for the Sporting LS Girls Soccer Academy, as well as a KCMO police officer and president of a non-profit youth mentorship program called Youth R.I.S.E. Anika nominated Coach Murphy because “she is one of the most committed people I know and is encouraging to her players to help them perform at their best ability”.

Becoming a coach because of her love for soccer and wanting to provide better opportunities for the inner-city children that she observed joining gangs, her favorite aspects of coaching are the mentorship opportunities and knowing that she is doing something to help make the world a better place. 

Growing up in St. Louis, Coach Murphy’s mother, father, and brother still reside there. Her mom is her hero, a “master gardener”, a pancreatic cancer survivor, and the strongest person that Coach Murphy knows. An avid animal-lover, Coach Murphy has five dogs: Monte, Basheer, Caine, Lukas, and a new puppy named Draxler.

In her free time, Coach Murphy enjoys soccer, Sudoku, reading, debating philosophy, and fishing in her inflatable boat.

Thank you, Coach Murphy, for all you do to enrich the lives of our children!


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