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We are pleased to honor Travis Carter as our Student of the Month for August. Travis is going into the 7th grade at South Valley Middle School. Travis has shown incredible perseverance and a great work ethic in his math program over the past few months. No matter how difficult of a math problem Travis encounters, he always keeps a positive attitude and smile on his face.

In his free time, Travis enjoys playing baseball, basketball, and video games. He loves watching the NBA, and Stephen Curry is his favorite player. Travis’s favorite food is a medium-cooked steak from 54th Street Grill. When he grows up, Travis wants to be a professional baseball player for the KC Royals. After he retires from baseball, Travis wants to become a nurse so that he can help sick people get better. 

When asked what he likes most about The Tutoring Center, Travis responded, “how the tutors make me feel comfortable to ask questions and help me understand what I am working on so that math will be easier in 7th grade”.

Congratulations, Travis, and keep up the great work!


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