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We are happy to honor Joseph Wooten as our Student of the Month for November. Joseph is in the 5th grade at Warren Hills Elementary School. Joseph has an incredible work ethic and has been making great strides in his reading skills.

In his free time, Joseph enjoy writing stories and watching the Royals play baseball. He also likes to spend time playing with his two-year-old cousin Jace. In school, Joseph’s favorite subject is math because they have been working on a project that allows him to design his own ice cream shop.

Pancakes from Corner Cafe and nachos rank among Joseph’s favorite foods. When he grows up, Joseph wants to own his own restaurant that specializes in breakfast foods. If he could have any superpower, Joseph would choose to be invisible so that he could sneak around.

When asked what he likes most about The Tutoring Center, Joseph responded, “I really like getting to work one on one with tutors so that I don’t get distracted, and I like how it’s helping me to do better in school….and the toys!”.

Congratulations, Joseph! Keep up the good work!


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