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We are happy to honor Joe McCann in our December Student Showcase. Joe is in the 4th grade at Alexander Doniphan Elementary School. He is a charismatic 10-year-old who always works diligently and keeps a smile on his face.

In his free time, Joe enjoys a multitude of activities. When the weather is...

We are happy to honor Joseph Wooten as our Student of the Month for November. Joseph is in the 5th grade at Warren Hills Elementary School. Joseph has an incredible work ethic and has been making great strides in his reading skills.

In his free time, Joseph enjoy writing stories and watching the...

We are excited to honor Marcus Batchelor as our Student of the Month for October. Marcus is a 5th grader at Kellybrook Elementary School. Marcus has been attending The Tutoring Center, Kansas City since June of 2015 and, in that time, has improved his reading skills by an impressive four grade...

We are pleased to honor Malha Shahzad as our Student of the Month for September. Malha is in the 7th grade at Discovery Middle School. She does a fantastic job during her tutoring sessions of always keeping a positive attitude. Malha is becoming very proficient at higher math concepts and readily...

We are pleased to honor Travis Carter as our Student of the Month for August. Travis is going into the 7th grade at South Valley Middle School. Travis has shown incredible perseverance and a great work ethic in his math program over the past few months. No matter how difficult of a math problem...

We are pleased to honor Hank Blackburn as our Student of the Month for July. Hank will be going into the 3rd grade at Shoal Creek Elementary School in the Fall. Hank has made tremendous strides with his reading and writing skills over the past few months and was recently honored at school as a...
Kayla Smith

We are pleased to honor Kayla Smith as our first ever Student of the Month. Kayla will be a 6th grader at Smithville Middle School in the Fall. Kayla recently received her school’s annual award for being the Most Improved Reader! 

In her free time, Kayla enjoys playing outside, especially...


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