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We are excited to honor Marcus Batchelor as our Student of the Month for October. Marcus is a 5th grader at Kellybrook Elementary School. Marcus has been attending The Tutoring Center, Kansas City since June of 2015 and, in that time, has improved his reading skills by an impressive four grade levels!

Marcus has a wide range of interests, including playing basketball and football, rifle and bow hunting, and riding dirt bikes. He also enjoys playing with his two Blue Heeler/Shepherd dogs named Teddy and Charlie.

In school, science is Marcus’s favorite subject because he likes doing the fun experiments. Orange easily wins the title for being his favorite color, and tacos and nachos are in a two-way tie for being his favorite food. When he grows up, Marcus aspires to be a professional NASCAR driver and race for a Ford team. After retiring from racing, he wants to have his own shop where he can paint cars.

When asked about his experiences at The Tutoring Center, Marcus responded, “I really like the grab bags and toy store. I have learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know before and it’s made school much easier”.

Congratulations, Marcus! We are very proud of you!


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