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We are pleased to honor Malha Shahzad as our Student of the Month for September. Malha is in the 7th grade at Discovery Middle School. She does a fantastic job during her tutoring sessions of always keeping a positive attitude. Malha is becoming very proficient at higher math concepts and readily applies any direction her instructors provide.

Malha has a passion for art and likes to spend her free time drawing with colored pencils and painting with water colors. She also enjoys playing sports, especially tennis. When she grows up, Malha wants to be a pediatrician because she likes kids and wants to help them stay healthy. Navy blue and hunter green tie for her favorite colors. Mac-n-cheese and pizza both rank among her favorite foods.

When asked what she likes most about The Tutoring Center, Malha responded, “the positive environment and how the instructors go more in-depth than at school to help me better understand the concepts and prepare for math tests”.

Congratulations, Malha, and keep up the great work!


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